June 16, 2017

What will be expected of me?

If your application is successful and you are invited to participate in the URSP, you will be expected to commit the number of hours indicated in the table below on your project. You should coordinate with your mentor a suitable method of documenting your time during the project.
URSP Options

Fall, Spring, Summer
Summer only
Hours per week ~9 40
Total Hours 144 360
  • Students who participate in the URSP are expected to share the results of their research in a professional environment. They must present at the semester-end OSCAR Celebration of Student Scholarship as well as someplace else. This can be a public performance at Mason, a separate celebration of student scholarship hosted by a Mason college or school, a national or regional conference, or other setting.
  • URSP students will be expected to attend professional development activities during the award period.
  • During the Fall and Spring semesters, students will be required to enroll in UNIV 495 (0 or 1 credits which has weekly meetings)

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