June 16, 2017

What resources are available to help me design a course around a research or creative project?

You can visit our Faculty Toolbox, which has a list of books and on-line resources. Many of the books are available in OSCAR (Johnson Center 246, above Burger King), and you are welcome to come hang out during regular office hours (8:30-5, Monday-Friday) and peruse the books. You can also visit either OSCAR or the Center for Teaching and Faculty Excellence during our consultation hours (posted on regularly on our websites) to have us brainstorm with you or review your syllabus and assignments.  We are also available to come talk with your faculty directly, and Bethany often works with you during department or curriculum committee meeting- just contact OSCAR to set up a meeting. Finally, we can connect you with someone in your program or a related program who is already teaching an RS course, so you can get the on-the-ground support from a colleague.
NEW! We have designed a RS course planner that can help in your course design, too.

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