June 16, 2017

What kinds of support will I receive?

Students will receive funding as indicated in the table below.  Stipends are paid directly to the students during their award period.  Mentor funds can be used either for purchases related to the project or for professional development. These funds are immediately available at the beginning of the semester of your award. Professional development funds must be used within the fiscal year

Funding Options

Traditional Intensive
Student Allocation up to $1,000 $5,000*
Materials and/or Supplies $0* $500*
Mentor Allocation $500 $500

* Distribution between stipend and supplies may be determined by student/mentor team.

Justifications of student stipends should include how you will use the stipend to support yourself during the award period. It is completely acceptable to explain that this stipend will help offset your number of hours working another job or assist you in paying your tuition.  Materials and/or supplies should be described in the application so that the reviewers know what is necessary for your project to succeed. You are not required to justify your mentor’s allocation since their time and effort is so valuable.

As a participant in the URSP, you will have priority to receive travel support through the Undergraduate Student Travel Fund to present the results of your scholarship at a scholarly meeting, conference, exhibition, etc.

In addition to monetary support, you will receive professional development support through the URSP seminar that you will attend the first semester you are in the program. You will receive advanced notification of OSCAR events, undergraduate opportunities, and other news as part of OSCAR. Students who participate in the URSP are also potential nominees to become OSCAR Fellows, outstanding undergraduate research leaders who represent OSCAR to other students, faculty, parents, and the community.

Finally, participation in this program is an honor and an opportunity. You are being recognized as a budding scholar in your field, so you are able to include the program on your resume and CV as a competitive fellowship award. More importantly, you are gaining professional and personal skills in creative problem-solving, working professionally with colleagues, and communicating effectively that will enrich your Mason experience and your post-graduation life!

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