June 16, 2017

What are the reviewers looking for in the RS proposals?

The FCA reviewers look to make sure that:

  • Courses have a sustained, authentic research or creative project that is a significant aspect of the class
  • The syllabus identifies the course as RS and describes the student learning outcomes (in the best cases, the outcomes correlate with the Students as Scholars learning outcomes but use language that the students can understand). We have sample language that you should to adapt to make it accessible for your students.
  • The curriculum map has course activities that correlate with the syllabus.
  • The curriculum map identifies the expected level of achievement, using the Students as Scholars Program Rubric.
  • The syllabus and/or the narrative statement identify the opportunities for students to share the results beyond the classroom.
  • The program has a plan for sustain teaching all sections of the class as RS in the foreseeable future. This is usually shown by both the narrative statement, as well as support from the chair.

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