April 16, 2020

To Submit Your Video Presentation

1) Please go to the Virtual Celebration Site
a) When on the page you will go to “submit your video presentation”.
b) Fill out agreement to have your video presentation web accessible (note: your presentation will only be
accessible by users with a @gmu.edu or @masonlive.gmu.edu address)
2) Follow the link to Student Opportunity Center
a) Complete the form, uploading your video, transcript, and abstract
b) Select all the tags that apply (your college, your program)
c) If the project is part of a course, list the course
d) Submit your video Presentation (100 MB or smaller) or provide a youtube link in the abstract
3) Follow the final link to submit your project as a Mason Impact Project
a) Submit your video
b) Answer the few questions about your project