June 16, 2017

How do I use my budget for supplies and materials?

  • URSP award funds may be allocated to purchase supplies and/or materials essential to the completion of the student project.
  • The faculty mentor’s department purchasing officer will complete purchases on behalf of the mentor/student team and request reimbursement from OSCAR.
  • OSCAR will not reimburse students for items purchased directly. All purchases should go through the university and obey all the purchasing rules.
  • URSP supply and materials funds are available immediately upon the beginning of the award period and must be exhausted within the given term, either Fall, Spring or Summer.
  • If funding is used for international travel, $50 needs to be budgeted for a travel insurance fee. Students will also need to sign up on the Travel Registration Page.
  • If you have any questions, call (703-993-3794) or email (oscar@gmu.edu) us for help.

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