June 16, 2017

How do I pick my Student Learning Outcomes? I want my students to know all of this!

With the revision (simplification) of the rubric and the course definition, this is easier. Students will need to demonstrate “Proficiency”-level accomplishments (see the SaS Program Rubric) on the three required project-focused learning outcomes and on one of the methods-related outcomes. That is, by the time they have finished the course or project, students will be able to:

  • Articulate and refine a focused and manageable question, problem, or challenge that may contribute to the field. (Core outcome)
  • In consultation with a faculty mentor, design a project that has the potential to make contributions to knowledge, appropriately adapt research or design strategies as the project progresses, and complete the project. (Creation outcome)
  • Clearly communicate the results of a scholarly or creative project through publishing, presenting or performing, consistently employing conventions appropriate to the audience and context. (Communication outcome)

You’ll also pick at least one of the three Methods outcomes. Although we know it’s like picking your favorite child, you really want to narrow your focus to the one(s) that you concentrate on and will be easily able to evaluate for your course portfolio.

  • Consistently choose effective methods for exploring an inquiry, and address advantages and limitations of those methods.
  • Acquire information or data using effective, well-designed strategies; consistently use appropriate criteria to judge the credibility of the evidence.
  • Consistently analyze or synthesize new and previous evidence to make important contributions to knowledge.

You are also welcome to also include any of other Students as Scholars student learning outcomes at the Proficient level that you think are appropriate to the class, although these are not required (and we don’t e

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