June 16, 2017

How do I apply?

Students should meet with their potential faculty or staff mentor before completing their application to outline a reasonable project and ensure the mentor’s support of their application and proposed project.

Download the Narrative Guidelines for additional suggestions.

Submit your application via the web as described below.  The student applicant is required to insure their project mentor completes the Mentor Application Form before the posted deadline.

  • Go to , and create an account. You must use your masonlive email and password. Use Mason credentials to sign in and when creating your profile.
  • Step 1: Create a Profile: Please click “+Create a Profile to Get Started” to begin your profile. Complete all the information and save your profile. You cannot create a proposal until you enter a profile.
  • Step 2: Start an Application:  Click “+Get Started”. This will take you to the application. Once you have started the application make sure to save draft before you exit. You may continue to edit the application until you have submitted it. Once you have completed all the parts of the application use the “save” button.
  • Step 3: Mentor Request: Click “+Open” on the mentor request portion of the home page. Once in the mentor request listing, click “+Add New Item” to request a mentor letter. Make sure you have your mentors contact information available so you can fill this out accurately. Please complete the mentor request as soon as you start an application so your mentor has the time to complete their letter.

Questions? Email oscar@gmu.edu or call 703-993-3794

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