June 16, 2017

How can faculty be involved?

The Students as Scholars initiative gives faculty the opportunity to work with talented undergraduate students on exciting research and creative projects, both in the classroom and beyond. Although working with undergraduates has unique challenges, it can also be very fulfilling, both personally and professionally.

Our commitment to creating a culture of undergraduate student scholarship cannot be realized without faculty. They are the drivers of this change. There are many ways that faculty can contribute to this goal, both large and small.

Mentoring and research activities include:

  • Mentoring a student in an individualized scholarly or creative activity, either through the department, an outside grant, or the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program.
  • Introducing undergraduate students to an experienced undergraduate scholar, either through your own work or by inviting an OSCAR Fellow to present.
  • Posting opportunities for undergraduate research or creative projects on HireMason.
  • Attending a conference, meeting, presentation, performance or other scholarly event with an undergraduate student, including the CAA Undergraduate Research Conference, the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, or discipline-specific event.
  • Publishing in the Council on Undergraduate Research’s CUR Quarterly journal or other peer-reviewed journal on the process of supporting undergraduate scholarship.
  • Co-authoring a paper or presentation with an undergraduate student.
  • Applying for outside research funding that includes funding for undergraduate students to participate in the research process.

Classroom and curricular activities include:

Community activities include:

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