June 16, 2017

George Mason University’s Journals of Undergraduate Student Scholarship

George Mason Review (GMR)

  • The GMR is Mason’s annual interdisciplinary journal of undergraduate student scholarship. Every year GMR recognizes outstanding student work with $900 in awards. Undergraduates are invited to submit up to ten works including research writing, literary critiques or analysis, creative nonfiction, visual art, or other academic works.

TABLET: The International Affairs Journal of George Mason University

  • TABLET is published bi-annually, every fall and spring semester. This journal accepts submissions on international affairs, economics, history, art, conflict analysis and resolution, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, global health, engineering, urban studies, etc. Papers are selected for inclusion in the journal based on the strength of the argument rather than on particular ideologies. In addition to publishing undergraduate and graduate submissions, TABLET also features the works of noted public figures and scholars, through guest essays, dialogues, and interviews.

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