June 16, 2017



  • Imponderabilia is a multidisciplinary student journal, a platform to share and exchange ideas, criticisms and reflections on anything anthropological (in the widest sense of the word – on anything related to culture and society). With contributions from students from different countries and disciplines, this journal tries to blur and overcome the boundaries between institutions, disciplines, theories, and between undergraduates and postgraduates.


National Association of Student Anthropologists (NASA)

  • The National Association of Student Anthropologists (NASA) is the student section of the American Anthropological Association founded in 1985 to address graduate and undergraduate student concerns and to promote the interests and involvement of students as anthropologists-in-training. NASA is a four-field network of students, which directly addresses issues that are of interest to both undergraduate and graduate students, including finding jobs, attending graduate school, fieldwork programs and networking.

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