June 16, 2017

Academic Year 2016-2017

Fall 2016


Student Mentor Project Title

Alexis Garretson
Thomas Lovejoy, Christopher Kennedy
(Environmental Science and Policy)
Virginia Natural Lands Management Cost Analysis by Management Authority
Alexis Jenkins
Brian Platt
(Art History)
Hip Hop in Japan: An Examination of American Cross-Culture Influence on Japan
Allison O’Neill
Gregory Foster
Characterization of Aquatic Humic Substances in the Potomac River Watershed
Alyssa Rowan
Jennifer Sklarew
The Energy Portfolio of Bangladesh: Securing Sustainable Development and Environmental Equity
Anatoliy Zinovyev
Brian Mark
(Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Efficient and Scalable Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Anson Rutherford
(Computer Science)
Sean Luke
(Computer Science)
Simulating Morphological and Behavioral Evolution of Virtual Organisms
Antarius Daniel
Wilsaan Joiner
Perceptual Discrimination of Temporal Duration based on ongoing Motor Behavior
Ariel Kalotkin
Melissa Scheldrup
Predicting an individual’s skill acquisition from cognitive ability and neural activation
Ashley Fortner
(Integrative Studies)
Elizabeth Freeman
(School of Integrative Studies)
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Behavior Monitoring Applications in the Red Panda
Ashley Plaster
Julia Painter
(Global and Community Health)
Oscar Program: The Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors of George Mason Students in Relations to Zika Virus
Beverly Lanza
(Civil and Infrastructure Engr.)
Celso Ferreira
(Civil and Infrastructure Engr.)
Impact of Upstream Water withdrawn on the Potomac River
Bradley English
Amarda Shehu
(Computer Science)
Can we turn back the Biological Clock?: Investigating Potential AGE Breakers via Molecular Modeling and Simulation
Chris Carlson
Robert Cressman
(Physics and Anatomy)
Creating a Non-equilibrium Chaotic Circuit that Adheres to Non-equilibrium Theories with the Aid of Computer Simulation
David Le
Siddhartha Sikdar
Three-Dimensional Ultrasound Measurement of the Flexor Digitorum Brevis Muscle Volume
Francisca Wood Ortiz
Nitin Agrawal
A hydrogel-filled micro capillary for interstitial fluid extraction
Grey Madison
Giorgio Ascoli
(Molecular Neuroscience)
Automated Detection of Synaptic Potentials from a Digitized Signal for Use in the Hippocampome Project
Isaac Matlock
Andrea Weeks
DNA Barcoding of Northern St. John’s Wort (Hypericum boreale (Britton) Bicknell) for discovery and conservation
James Worfolk
John Schreifels
GCMS repurposing for evaluation of volatile organic compounds
Jasmine Dang
Ivonne Figueroa
Predicting “Oops” Errors: Individual Differences in Cognitive Flexibility Predict Performance in a Sustained Attention to Response Task
Jessica Rauchberg
(Conf. Analysis & Resolution)
Rachel Lewis
(Women and Gender Studies)
“You’re Just not Meant for this”: Auto-ethnographic Approaches to Navigating Neuro-divergency and Intimacy
Jihyun Lee
Michael Girgis
Molecular Modeling and Docking Studies of Small Molecules Targeting Interleukin-1 Converting Enzyme
Jonathan Clark
David Luther
The Effects of Anthropogenic Noise on Territory Sizes of Grassland Birds
Kristine Mosuela
(Civil and Infrastructure Engr.)
Mihai Boicu, Viviana Maggioni
(IT, Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering)
Incentivizing Bike Riding in a University Setting using a Mobile App “Peloton”
Leanna Moron
Colleen Vesely
Housing experiences among undocumented Central American Immigrants
Leila Raminpour
(Community Health)
Camella Rising
Relationships Between Parental Nutrition Communication Strategies, Adolescent Eating Behavior, BMI-for-age, and age at Menarche in 12 to 17 Year Old Girls
Louis Boemerman
Lauren Kuykendall
Measuring Over-commitment and Understanding its Effects on Well-being
Lynn Bonomo
Rebecca Forkner
Seasonal Pathogen Infection Rates of Bumblebee Workers in Northern Virginia
Megan Harbour
Jane Flinn
Effects Social Isolation on Traumatic Brain Injury
Olga Lorenz
Mark Synder
(Computer Science)
Audio and Visual Representation of Infinite Sequences
Rachel Eddowes
Thomas Roccotagliata
Are You Satisfied with Tinder? Understanding the uses, gratifications, and expectancy violations of swiping right and left
Sarah Evans
(Government and Intl. Politics)
Heba F. El-Shazli
Changing Priorities: Adjusting the Al-Qaeda Centric U.S.Counterterrorism Policy to Contain ISIS
Sehyun Jeong
Jeffrey Kulick
Comparing Korean Groceries in Korea and Western Countries Regarding Employment Management Focused on “Demo Workers”
Taylor Henry
(Social Work)
Emily Ihara
(Social Work)
An Exploration of Medical Provider Perception and it’s Influence on Treatment Suggestions
Taylor Iobst
Jane Flinn
The Effects of Excess Zinc and Copper Deficiency on Social Behavior in a Mouse Model of late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease at One Year of Age
Taylor Williams
(Criminology, Law, Society)
Catherine Gallagher
(Criminology, Law, and Society)
Degrees of Difficulty and Risk Management
Terrence Moran
(Civil and Infrastructure Engr.)
David Lattanzi
(Civil and Infrastructure Engr.)
The Effects of Corrosion on Steel Material Properties
Timothy Reid
Sean Lawton
(Mathematical Sciences)
Special Words in Free Groups
Valerie Nguyen
Esther Peters
(Environmental Science and Policy)
Histopathology of Corals Subjected to Explosive Materials
Veronika Lozano
Ramin Hakami
(Molecular and Microbiology)
Exosomes as carrier pigeons of the call for influencing bacterial virulence
Vinicio Perla
Adam Winsler
Latino Adolescent Marijuna and Alcohol Use in Relation to Parenting Closeness, Neighborhood/Community Engagement, and Perception of Harm
Waleska Solorzano
Rachel Jones, Kurt Brandhorst
Photography as Time Travel

Summer 2016


Student Mentor Project Title
Alexander Kruszewski


Rosemarie Zagarri

(History & Art History)

George Mason: The Musical
Alicia Suchicital (Bioengineering)
Wilsaan Joiner


Spasticity in Stroke Patients: Quantification using Senior Design Device
Amir Maghsoudi


Monique van Hoek


Antimicrobial activity of Stevia rebaudiana extracts against common oral pathogens
Anna McLernon

(Integrative Studies)

Doris Davis


Acoustic Signals in Avian Species
Brian Schnoor


Carolina Salvador Morales


A New Approach to Weed Control: Synthesis and Characterization of a Nanoherbicide
Brianna Artz (Psychology)
Doris Davis (Psychology)
Can dogs recognize human emotion even in strangers, or just in their owners?
Claire Johnson (Chemistry)
Robin Couch (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Developing Novel Antibiotics to Target the Methyl Erythritol Phosphate Pathway Enzyme MEP Synthase
Courtney Whitman (Environmental Sciences)
Joris van der Ham (Environmental Sciences)
Natural Variabilty of Carrion Insect Communities
Cristian Rios (Bioengineering)
Vasiliki Ikinomidou (Bioengineering)
Fatigue detection utilizing Heart Rate Variability and Differential Pulse Transit Time
Daniel Howe (Mechanical Engineering)
Colin Reagle (Mechanical Engineering)
Evaluation of Carbon Foams for Use in Computer Cooling Applications
David Martos Ruiz (Undeclared)
Nitin Agrawal (Bioengineering)
FUCCI Cell Line Generation
Dillon Berger (Philosophy)
Shobita Satyapal (Physics & Astronomy)
In search of tiny giants: finding supermassive black holes in low mass galaxies
Elizabeth Farley (Accounting)
Karen Kitching (Accounting)
Examining IRS Form 990 Program Service Fees and Net Assets Among Human Services Nonprofit Organizations
Forrest Bussler (Bioengineering)
Niting Agrawal (Bioengineering)
Effect of Cell Spreading and Confluence on Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress
Gillard Groom (Music)
Jesse Guessford (Music)
TUNA Scales Temperament and Development
Iris Stone (Physics)
Partick Vora (Physics & Astronomy)
Temperature-dependent Optoelectronic Response of PTZ-TCNQ Charge Transfer Crystals with Five Distinct Stoichiometries
Jeremy Johnson (Civil & Infrastructure Engineering)
Viviana Maggioni (Environmental & Infrastructure Engineering)
Smart Sensor Webs for Environmental Monitoring
Jonathan Clark (Biology)
David Luther (Biology)
The Effects of Anthropogenic Noise on the Behavior and Population Density of Grassland and Forest Bird Species
King Cheng (Computer Science)
Shanijang Zhu (Civil, Environmental &Infrastructure)
Parking Data Analysis
Kostyantyn Shcherbina (Bioengineering)
Parag Chitinis (Bioengineering)
Generation of Release Profiles in Implantable Hydrogels
Lucretia Sissoho (Bioengineering)


Laurence Bray (Bioengineering)
Functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) for analyzing neural activity during bi-manual movements
Marianne McKone-Leonard (Individualized Study)
Danielle Rudes (Criminology, Law & Society)
Needs of Post-Imprisoned Women
Marina Martinez Hernandez (Undeclared)
Nitin Agrawal (Bioengineering)
Influence of osmolarity on epithelial cell phenotype
Matthew Eiman (Biology)


Ali Weinstein (Global & Community Health)
Relationship Between Sleep Efficiency and Cognitive Performance
Nadia Busekrus (Community Health)
Sina Gallo (Nutrition & Food Studies)
Development and Testing of Food Behaviors Questionnaire for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Population
Naomi Coles (Biology)
Sina Gallo (Nutrition & Food Studies)
Affect of Childhood Obesity on Bone Mineral Density
Nicole Doriguzzi (Biology)
Stephanie Lessard-Pilon (Conservation)
Smithsonian Mason Research Semester Extension
Olivia Stanford (Integrative Studies)


Cher Weixia Chen (Integrative Studies)
Maternity Protection: Finding the Gaps in Social Protection for Working Moms in America’s Informal Sector
Rachel Haley (Chemistry)
Leila Hamdan (Environmental Science)
Fungal Groups present at Shipwreck Sites in the Gulf of Mexico
Shaun Meyer (Bioengineering)
Siddhartha Sikdar (Bioengineering)
Can Radiofrequency Ultrasound Imagery be used to quantitatively assess liver fibrosis better than a subjective Radiologist assays?

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