How do I apply? – Mason Korea

Students should meet with their potential faculty or staff mentor before completing their application to outline a reasonable project and ensure the mentor’s support of their application and proposed project. Student Application includes the following sections. Download the Narrative Guidelines for additional suggestions. Submit your application via the web as described below.  The student applicant is required Read more about How do I apply? – Mason Korea[…]

Why is it important to leave feedback or questions for these presentations?

George Mason University students have been incredibly resilient in the face of the global coronavirus pandemic. They have worked tirelessly with their mentors to not only figure out how to complete their projects in a completely remote environment, but also to change their planned method of results delivery from the traditional poster format to a Read more about Why is it important to leave feedback or questions for these presentations?[…]

Vote for your favorite presentations!

During the Virtual Celebration of Student Scholarship, you can vote for your favorite presentations! You can find the link to vote for your favorites on the menu of the presentation pages or you can click on this link.

To Submit Your Video Presentation

1) Please submit your project at a) Login with your Mason credentials. b) Complete the form, providing your video link, transcript, and abstract c) Select all the tags that apply (your college, your program) d) If the project is part of a course, list the course 2) Follow the final link to submit your Read more about To Submit Your Video Presentation[…]

Required Materials

For submission of a video presentation to the Virtual Celebration, you will need to submit the following three items: – Abstract (no more than 250 words) – Text transcript of the video (required) – A video (3 minutes is ideal but the goal is no more than 5 minutes; your professor or mentor may have Read more about Required Materials[…]

For the students participating in a Student Panel

1)  Please go to and select “register your live presentation” 2)  Enter your contact information 3)  Fill out agreement to have your video presentation web accessible (note: your presentation will only be accessible by users with a or email address) 4)  Answer remaining questions and submit your response 5) Follow the final link Read more about For the students participating in a Student Panel[…]