To Submit Your Video Presentation

1) Please submit your project at a) Login with your Mason credentials. b) Complete the form, providing your video link, transcript, and abstract c) Select all the tags that apply (your college, your program) d) If the project is part of a course, list the course 2) Follow the final link to submit your Read more about To Submit Your Video Presentation[…]

Required Materials

For submission of a video presentation to the Virtual Celebration, you will need to submit the following three items: – Abstract (no more than 250 words) – Text transcript of the video (required) – A video (3 minutes is ideal but the goal is no more than 5 minutes; your professor or mentor may have Read more about Required Materials[…]

For the students participating in a Student Panel

1)  Please go to and select “register your live presentation” 2)  Enter your contact information 3)  Fill out agreement to have your video presentation web accessible (note: your presentation will only be accessible by users with a or email address) 4)  Answer remaining questions and submit your response 5) Follow the final link Read more about For the students participating in a Student Panel[…]

How can I participate in the Virtual Celebration?

Simple! Have log in to Blackboard with your or account, from there enroll in the following Blackboard Org and click on the Virtual Celebration. You can also join the conversation on social media using #PatriotVirtualScholars.

What is a “lightning talk”?

A lightning talk is a format in which the presenter gives a short (usually 3 minutes) presentation about their project. These presentations typically target a multidisciplinary audience, so while they should showcase the merit of the project, they should not be bogged down with jargon or overly complicated explanations. For more details, please see our Read more about What is a “lightning talk”?[…]

What kinds of presentations are there?

Video presentations: These are videos pre-recorded by the student presenters. These are somewhat shorter in length (3-5 minutes) and will have a moderated discussion board that the presenter is expected to check on throughout the event to respond to questions and comments about their presentation.