What kinds of projects are supported?

Any undergraduate research, creative, or scholarly project in which the student is contributing to original scholarly work is supported. Click HERE to read about the students and projects that have been funded in the past!

How do I apply?

Students should meet with their potential faculty or staff mentor before completing their application to outline a reasonable project and ensure the mentor’s support of their application and proposed project. Download the Narrative Guidelines for additional suggestions. Submit your application via the web as described below.  The student applicant is required to insure their project mentor Read more about How do I apply?[…]

Is the URSP competitive?

Yes. Applications are reviewed by the Student Scholarly Activities committee which is comprised of faculty and students from a variety of academic units at Mason. Applications that communicate a clear vision that is understandable to a diverse range of disciplines, while also demonstrating the greatest potential for student success, will be selected.

Who is eligible to be my mentor?

All current Mason community members who are tenure-line faculty, term faculty, adjunct faculty, post-docs, staff, and/or graduate students are eligible to mentor a project as part of the URSP.