April 11, 2017

Find a Mentor!

Finding the right mentor can be a challenge, but we're here to help!

When contacting a potential mentor or department representative, keep the following in mind:

Be professional
  • Make an appointment ahead of time by sending an email to the professor that is professional and respectful.
  • Keep your appointment! If a professor is going to mentor you, or recommend you to a colleague, you will need to demonstrate reliability.  

Be prepared
  • Come to the meeting knowing about the professor - find out their research interest and ideas.

Be interested
  • If you are interested in getting involved in the research or scholarly work in the department, ask about how they recommend you get involved.
  • Check out department webpages for undergraduate research links.
  • If you are interested in the professor's research, ask, rather than demand, if there are opportunities for you to work with her or him.

Be flexible
  • Don't be disappointed if the professor refers you to someone else. He or she may be looking for a different set of skills or otherwise unavailable. Thank them for the referral, and follow up! She or he will probably have told their colleague to look for you.
  • Don't expect to be immediately in charge of an entire project. Most of the time, you will begin by supporting a project or doing initial background research. This lets you learn about the research or creative project, and gives you a chance to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, responsibility, and reliability.
  • Some faculty post opportunities on Handshake: search Position Type for "Undergraduate Research project."

Be rewarded

There are several ways to be rewarded for your work on the project:

  • Volunteer: this gives the opportunity to prove yourself, a line on your resume, and usually leads to one of the other options.
  • Credit: ask about independent scholarly activities research credit, including the option of enrolling in OSCAR UNIV391 (for beginning work on a project) and UNIV491 (RS credit for a project). Both have 0 credit options so that they appear on your transcript but do not cost you additional tuition.
  • Pay: rare, and usually only for faculty who have grants
  • Apply to be a part of the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program: This is a competitive project for students who have developed a research or creative project, with a defined scholarly question, method for answering the question, and product when done. You get additional mentoring through OSCAR, credit, and monetary support for your project.

OSCAR Contacts by College and School

The individuals listed below understand the importance of undergraduate research and creative activities and have volunteered to assist you in your search for a mentor. Request an appointment to find out about opportunities in their programs and be directed toward faculty who could become your mentor.

Please note: This list is regularly updated. Faculty and staff who would like to have their names and contact information added to this list should submit our OSCAR Contact Form.

College of Education and Human Development

Dr.David Wiggins, Co-DirectorStudy of Sport & Leisure in Society/Prof, SRHTdwiggin1
Dr.Erin E. Peters, Associate ProfessorScience Education & Education Psychologyepeters1
Dr.Nelson Cortes, Associate ProfessorSchool of Recreation, Health and Tourismncortes
Dr.Maggie Daniels, Associate ProfessorSchool of Recreation, Health, and Tourismmdaniels
Dr.Shawn Lee, Assistant ProfessorSchool of Recreation, Health, and Tourismslz
Additional Resources
ProgramResearch Link
College of Education and Human DevelopmentOffice of Research
Transformative TeachingTeacher Action Research
Special Education and Disability ResearchKellar Institute
Counseling and Development Diversity, Research, & Action Consortium
Sports Management Internships and Field Experience
School of Recreation, Health, and TourismResearch Centers
Health Promotion Internship and Field Experience
KinesiologySMART Lab Research


College of Health and Human Services

Dr.Cathy Tompkins, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs Department of Social Workctompkin
Dr. Ali Weinstein, Associate ProfessorDepartment of Global and Community Health aweinst2
Dr.Anna Pollack, Assistant Professor Department of Global and Community Health apollac2
Sina Gallo, Assistant ProfessorNutrition and Food Studiessgallo2
Lilian de Jonge, Assistant ProfessorNutrition and Food Studiesedejonge
Additional Resources
ProgramDepartment Links

Student Research
Global and Community HealthResearch Projects
Health Administration and PolicyResearch Areas
Health and Human ServicesResearch
Rehabilitation Science Research
Diversity, Inclusion, Multicultural EducationResearch and Practice

College of Humanities and Social Science

Undergraduate Advising

Dr. Andrew Bickford, Associate Professor and Anthropology Undergraduate Program DirectorSociology and Anthropologyabickfo1
Dr. Rachel Jones, Assistant ProfessorPhilosophyrjones23
Dr. Mike Hurley, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Academic AdvisorPsychology mhurley2
Lisa Breglia, DirectorGlobal Affairslbreglila
Dr. Tom Rustici, Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs Economics trustici
Dr. Debra Lattanzi Shutika, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of EnglishEnglish and Folkloredshutika
Dr. Lisa Newmark, Director of Undergraduate ProgramsCriminology, Law, and Societylnewmark
Dr. Esperanza Roman-Mendoza, Associate Professor and Associate Chair Modern and Classical Languages: Spanish eromanme
Laura Scott, Professor and Academic CoordinatorEnglishlscott
Dr. Douglas Eyman, Director, Ph.D in Writing and RhetoricEnglish deyman
Dr. Suzanne E. Smith, ProfessorHistory & Art History: Art Historysmisuze
Dr. Ricardo Vivancos-Pérez, Associate Professor and Spanish Program CoordinatorModern and Classical Languages: Spanishrvivanco
David Miller, Student Video Center DirectorCommunication dmillef
Dr. Jason Dunick, Undergraduate DirectorEconomicsjdunick

For additional undergraduate information in CHSS, see the list of Undergraduate Program Directors.

Additional Resources

ProgramResearch Link
CommunicationResearch Centers
Criminology, Law, and SocietyResearch Centers
Economics Center for the Study of Public Choice
Computer ScienceUROP
Global AffairsResearch

College of Science

Assad Khan, Director for Undergraduate Student AffairsCollege of Science akhanf
Dr. Flavia Colonna, Professor and Graduate CoordinatorMathematical Sciences fcolonna
Julia Nord, Term Associate ProfessorAtmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciencesjnord
Chris Parsons, Associate Professor and Undergraduate CoordinatorEnvironmental Science & Policy eparson1
Esther Peters, Associate ProfessorEnvironmental Science & Policyepeters2
Larry Rockwood, Professor and ChairBiology Department lrockwoo
Phil Rubin, Professor and Undergraduate Physics AdvisorPhysics and Astronomyprubin
Padmanabhan Seshaiyer, ProfessorMathematical Sciencespseshaiy
John Schreifels, Chair and Associate ProfessorChemistry and Biochemistryjschreif
Amy Adams, Scientific Outreach and Education Program ManagerApplied Proteomics & Molecular Medicineavanmete
Joe Weingartner, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Astronomy AdvisorPhysics and Astronomyjweinga1
Reid Schwebach, Coordinator COS Outreach & Recruitment, Term Assistant ProfessorGovernor's School, Innovation Parkjschweba

Additional Resources

ProgramResearch Links
College of ScienceResearch Centers
School of Physics, Astronomy, and Computational ScienceSPACS
Biology2016 Research Semester

Research Internships
Environmental Science and PolicyResearch
Smithsonian School of Conservation: Kathleen Johnson, DirectorResearch

College of Visual and Performing Arts

Undergraduate Advising

Seth Hudson, Assistant ProfessorComputer Game Designshudson3
Sang NamComputer Game Designsnam5
Greg Grimsby, Assistant Professor Computer Game Designggrimsby
Dr. Walter Kravitz, Professor and Gallery DirectorSchool of Art ekravitz
Dr. Linda Monson, Managing Director, Keyboard Area Coordinator, Distinguished Service ProfessorSchool of Musiclmonson
Dr. Linda Miller, ProfessorCollege of Visual and Performing Artslmille6
Dr. Jesse Guessford, Assistant Professor-Music TechnologySchool of Music jguessfo
Clayton Austin, Associate Professor/Production ManagerTheater caustin
Additional Resources
ProgramResearch Link
College of Visual and Performing ArtsUndergraduate Studies Office
School of DanceResources
School of Theater Opportunities
Film and Video StudiesInternships

Student Resources

Honors College

Jan AllbeckHonors Collegejallbeck

Additional Resources
ProgramResearch Link
Living Learning CommunityLLC

Dr. Jennifer Nicoll Victor, Associate ProfessorSchar School of Policy and Governmentjvictor3
Dr. Ann Ludwick, Assistant DeanSchar School of Policy and Governmentaludwick
Matt Green, Assistant DirectorSchar School of Policy and Governmentmgreenb

School of Integrative Studies

Academic Advising

Dr. Lisa Gring-Pemble, Associate Professor, DeanNew Century Collegelgringpe
Dr. Julie Owen, Associate ProfessorLeadership & Integrative Studiesjowen4
Dr. Thomas Wood, Associate ProfessorNew Century Collegetwood
Dr. Al Fuertes, Term Associate ProfessorNew Century Collegeafuertes
Dr. Pamela Garner, ProfessorNew Century Collegepgarner1

Additional Resources
ProgramResearch Link
Integrative StudiesInternships
Environmental and Sustainability StudiesInternships

School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Undergraduate Advising

Dr. Mara Schoeny, Associate Professor and Graduate Certificate Program DirectorSchool for Conflict Analysis & Resolutionmschoeny
Additional Resources
ProgramResearch Links
School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution Research & Practice

Programs & Projects
Field ExperienceOpportunities

School of Business

Undergraduate Advising

Dr. Matt Cronin, Associate ProfessorManagementmcronin
Dr. Anne Magro, Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Undergraduate ProgramsSchool of Businessamagro
Dr. Kevin Rockmann, Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Graduate ProgramsSchool of Businesskrockman
Dr. Mandy O'Neill, Assistant ProfessorManagementooneil

Volgenau School of Engineering

Undergraduate Advising

Dr. Sharon Caraballo, Associate Dean for Undergraduate ProgramsVolgenau School of Engineeringscarabal
Dr. Ioulia Rytikova, Associate ProfessorSciences and Technologyirytikov
Dr. Liza Durant, Associate Professor and Chair Civil, Environmental & Infrastructure Engineeringldurant2
Dr. Huzefa Rangwala, Assistant ProfessorComputer Sciencehrangwal
Dr. Brian Mark, ProfessorElectrical and Computer Engineeringbmark
Dr. Nathalia Peixoto, Associate ProfessorElectrical and Computer Engineeringnpeixoto
Dr. Colin Reagle, Assistant ProfessorMechanical Engineeringcreagle
Dr. David Holmes, Assistant ProfessorStatisticsdholmes4
Additional Resources
ProgramResearch Links
Applied Information TechnologyResearch
BioengineeringUndergrad Research
Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure EngineeringResearch News
Computer ScienceResearch Areas

Labs and Centers

Research News

Undergraduate Research Opportunities
Electrical and Computer EngineeringResearch
Systems Engineering and Operations ResearchResearch

Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study

Dr. Nadine Kabbani, Assistant ProfessorMolecular Neurosciencenkabbani
Theodore C. Dumas, Associate ProfessorMolecular Neurosciencetdumas