May 12, 2017

Scholarship Development Grants

The goal of curriculum revision supported by the Students as Scholars initiative is for programs to create courses and other experiences for undergraduate students to learn about scholarship and its role at Mason, actively engage in scholarship, and participate in the generation of knowledge. Scholarship Development Grants (SDGs) are awarded in three categories.

NOTE: FOR Fall 2017, Scholarship Development Grants have been merged with the Curriculum Impact Grants. Here is the list of 2017 Curriculum Impact Grant Award Winners.

Students as Scholars Curriculum Workshop

Faculty attend the Students as Scholars Curriculum Workshop.

Course SDGs support the design or redesign of courses in which students participate in the creation of original scholarly or creative projects. It is expected that the result will be an RS designated course.

Curriculum Development SDGs support the creation of scaffolded learning experiences for students as they progress through an academic program and develop an understanding of the scholarly work in the discipline or field.

See links for additional information, deadlines, applications, and earlier recipients.