April 13, 2017

OSCAR Mentoring Excellence Award

OSCAR sponsors two awards each academic year - one that recognizes student excellence in undergraduate scholarship, creative activities, and research and another that recognizes the outstanding contributions of the faculty and staff who mentor undergraduates on their projects. Please follow the links below to learn more about the awards, as well as about our past award recipients!

Nominations for the 2021 Student Excellence and Faculty Mentor Excellence Awards are now open. Nominations are due by March 8th, 2021. See instructions below:

*Please note, this year a special award will be given to a mentor who has been a previous mentor excellence award winner!


All current Mason community members who have served as mentors of undergraduate student scholars are eligible. These may include tenure-line faculty, term faculty, adjunct faculty, post-docs, staff, and/or graduate students. OSCAR values the wealth of diverse mentoring styles at Mason and encourages nominations from all disciplines. At least one award will be reserved for graduate students or post-docs who mentor undergraduate students, and nominees will be evaluated in the context of their academic program and position.

To view past winners click here



OSCAR will contact nominated mentors and invite the following materials to be submitted for consideration (all in pdf format).

  1. A narrative statement (1 page) This statement will describe your perspective on being a successful mentor and how you work to foster a culture of student scholarship at Mason. In this narrative, please begin with one to two sentences stating what you would most want the reviewers to know about your experiences as a mentor.
  2. Two letters of reference: one from a student mentee and one from a current Mason colleague. These letter may be sent directly to OSCAR or included in the application packet.
  3. Evidence of your mentoring experience (2-3 pages). Such evidence might include the name(s) of undergraduate student(s) mentored and their project title(s); the current status of former students (enrolled in graduate school, in a professional position, etc.); any publications, patents, shows, awards, or presentations of students you mentored; and/or other relevant information.

Review Process

All materials for the OSCAR Mentoring Excellence Award will be reviewed by the QEP Leadership Council, which consists of faculty, staff, and students committed to fostering student scholarship at Mason.  Materials will be evaluated on the mentor’s demonstrated:

  • positive impact on current and former Mason students and their subsequent success, and
  • support and engagement of undergraduate scholarship at Mason.

Selection Criteria

Candidates for the OSCAR Mentoring Excellence Award will be evaluated on:

  • Positive impact on current and former Mason students and their subsequent success
  • Demonstrated support and engagement of undergraduate scholarship at Mason