January 23, 2018

Curriculum Impact Grants

Curriculum Impact Grants support educational innovation that enhances Mason Impact and other cross-unit, multidisciplinary curriculum development activities.

Curriculum Impact Grants help faculty in revising existing and developing new curricula that: (a) deepen student development in at least one of the characteristics defined by Mason Impact, and (b) increase percentage of Mason students who participate in some form of Mason Impact project. Priority in 2017-2018 was given to proposals that:

  • Scaffold undergraduate and/or graduate learning from intellectual discovery, to the development of specific knowledge and skills, and culminate in a high impact experience.
  • Engage faculty and staff from multiple units, departments, and divisions in sustainable multidisciplinary collaboration.
  • Pilot models of multidisciplinary collaboration that are scalable and have potential to be expanded into new minors, concentrations, majors, and other programs.

Upcoming events

April 20, 2018: Curriculum Impact Grant Workshop. Current CIGs awardees will present their progress on their projects, and attendees will be invited to collaborate and learn about the guidelines for the next round of Impact Grants. Application available soon!

June 1, 2018: 2018-2019 Curriculum Impact Grants proposal deadline. Request for proposals available in April 2018.

2017-2018 Grantees

The Multidisciplinary Curriculum Impact Committee and a team of peer reviewers evaluated 23 highly competitive submissions and selected 16 curricular projects to fund. These projects represent an impressive array of collaboration across colleges and schools aiming to create high-impact learning experiences for students, deepening their engagement and development, and preparing them for substantive impact on the world.

Community-Engaged Health Research Program
Heidi Lawrence, Rebecca Vargas-Jackson, Emily Ihara, Ali Weinstein, and Catherine Tompkins (CHSS and CHHS)

Concentration in Gender Based Violence Studies
Angela Hattery, Leah Adams and Bonnie Stabile (CHSS and Schar School)

D(esign) Minor
Robert Matz, Carryl Baldwin, Michelle Dacus Carr, Nada Dabbagh, Douglas Eyman, Vivian Motti, Thomas LaToza, Lisa Passaglia Bauman, Elizabeth Long, William Helton, Padhu Seshaiyer (CHSS, CHSS, CEHD, VSE, Facilities, COS)

Engineering Global Health
Corrie Paeglow, Patrice Winter, Nathalia Peixoto, Laura Poms, and Shani Ross (CHHS and VSE)

Minor in LGBTQ Studies
Angela Hattery, David Corwin, and Nancy Xiong (CHSS)

Multidisciplinary Engineering Senior Design
Laurence Bray, Piotr Pachowicz, Shani Ross, Colin Reagle, Robert Gallo, Liza Durant, and Pelin Kurtay (VSE)

One Health: A Transdisciplinary Approach  
Michael von Fricken, Larry Rockwood, Alonso Aguirre , Cara Frankenfeld, Patrick Gillevet, Anna Pollack, and Laura Poms (CHHS and COS)

Race, Gender, Social Justice: Philosophy, Sociology & the Critical Humanities
Rose Cherubin, Lisa Eckenwiler, Rachel Jones, Rutledge Dennis, Angela Hattery, Wendi Manuel-Scott, and Amy Best (CHSS)

Studio for the Communication Arts
Susan Lawrence, Jen Stevens, Melissa Broeckelman-Post, Michelle LaFrance, Patrica West (CHSS and University Libraries)

The Collaborative for Promoting and Enhancing Knowledge and Skills for an Aging Society
Catherine Tompkins and Kelly Dunne (CHHS and SIS/CHSS)

Virginia Food System Leadership Institute
Andrew Wingfield, Susan Crate, and Kerri LaCharite (CHSS, COS, and CHHS)

Web Design Minor
Robert Matz, Don Starr, Diana Wang, Douglas Eyman, Lisa Kahn, Sang Nam, and Shansan Cui (CHSS, CVPA, VSE, and CHSS)

Combining Bioengineering, Clinical Medicine and Business Expertise
Laurence Bray, Robert Smith, Derek Horstmeyer, Mahesh Shenai (VSE, CEHD, and School of Business)

Design and Development of Professional Master’s Degree in Environmental and Sustainability Management
Younsung Kim, Susan Howard, Alonso Aguirre, Al Torzilli, Robert Dudley, Al Sample, Sharon Bloomquist, Jennifer Gettys (CHSS, Schar School, CHHS, and COS)

Developing a Multi-Disciplinary Minor in Social Justice and Mass Incarceration
Lauren Cattaneo, Danielle Rudes, and Angela Hattery (CHSS)

Graduate Certificate in Action Research for Social or Ecological Impact
Susan Allen, Rochelle Arms, Meagan Call-Cummings, Elizabeth  DeMulder, Jessica Srikantia, Todd La Porte, Jenice View, Kristien Zenkov (S-CAR, CEHD, and Schar School)

For more information, please contact Dr. Jesse Guessford