Mason Impact Hits the Summer with Eight Summer Team Projects

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From the Provost’s office, the goal of Mason Impact is simple:

“The Mason Impact initiative seeks to offer all students the opportunity to participate in curricular and co-curricular activities that support their development as Engaged Citizens and Well-rounded Scholars who are Prepared to Act.

With this in mind, OSCAR has made a commitment to sponsor multi-disciplinary, faculty-led projects over the summer that will engage students on a team. These projects range from History to Environmental Sustainability, and the students will work closely with their faculty who created each project.

To read more about the projects, please visit our Summer Team Projects page.

The URSP, where students submit a proposal for their own research question, inducted 27 new projects for the summer semester. Some are traditional projects that seek to perform a piece of research or a continuation of a larger project. Others have been awarded as intensive projects which require a much greater undertaking of research for the scholars.

Find a list of the funded projects here.