Celebrating research, opening minds – NCUR 2017

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Celebrating research, opening minds - NCUR 2017Students gain an understanding of how to present research to a large question-asking audience and benefit from being immersed in a world of new ideas in which peers display and explain interesting facts and fieldwork.


“It opens their minds to so many things,” said Lloyd, program manager in George Mason University’s Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities and Research (OSCAR).

“To be able to expand the reach of your work is thrilling,” said Desmond Moffitt, a George Mason senior, who will be presenting this year at his first academic conference. “You step into a world outside Mason.”

Moffitt will join 44 other Mason students who will travel 16 hours by bus to the 31st annual conference, April 6-8, in Memphis, Tenn.

About 3,300 students covering multiple disciplines will present their research to their peers and graduate program recruiters. Students applied to the conference with abstracts of their research, which were evaluate by faculty reviewers.

OSCAR is paying for Mason’s attendees, who will stay four-to-a-room at a local hotel.

“This is one of the biggest undergraduate research events organized every year,” Lloyd said. “There is a variety of students from all walks of life.”

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