April 7, 2017


The Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Research (OSCAR) is the home of the Students as Scholars initiative, and is located on the second floor of Johnson Center in room 246.  

Students as Scholars is Mason's undergraduate research and creative activities initiative.  Mason faculty from many disciplines refer to their academic work as scholarship, and we consider ourselves scholars. Students as Scholars is our way of giving undergraduate students an invitation to participate in research and creative activities, both within and beyond the classroom.

Students as Scholars
provides George Mason University with the opportunity to connect our students with our faculty and to the research and creative mission of the institution. This initiative aims to foster a culture of student scholarship through increased participation in and celebration of scholarly activities. Students will see their education as a process of scholarly inquiry, where scholarship is valued as a core practice of the Mason student experience.

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"Scholarship is something that helps people in some way, whether it helps them to understand something, whether it helps them to become something, whether it helps them to do something."

- Toby Jenkins Faculty Member, Higher Education Program


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