June 1, 2018

2018 OSCAR Student Excellence Awards

Congratulations to the 2018 OSCAR Student Excellence Award recipients!


Karlie Berry

Criminology, Law, and Society

My ACE! and OSCAR experience combined with my student perspective has allowed me to become a helpful resource for my co-researchers and peers. I am often recruited to assist in Atlas.ti trainings, act as a sounding board for presentations, and discuss with other students about the research process.

 Arba Cecia

OSCAR Blog Post

Continuing my work during the school year has been truly beneficial, partly because it helped me expand the general understanding and sense of basic research, and partly because it significantly sharpened my critical and scientific thinking.


Victoria Fauntroy

Athletic Training
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Research has provided important tools (discipline, communication skills, etc.) that not only apply to my undergraduate research endeavors but also to my future professional goals. This experience laid a foundation that will propel me forward to achieve my long-term goal of becoming a certified athletic trainer for a professional dance company. During this experience, I have learned how to work with and communicate with others. As I continue into my graduate studies, communication skills will be necessary as I work with classmates, faculty, and other healthcare professionals.

 Alexis GarretsonAlexis Garretson

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As an undergraduate research scholar, I have utilized creative data sources and novel mathematical tools to examine emerging issues at the intersection of economics and ecology. Through these experiences, I have developed my interests, skills, and passion for academia and research.


 Aslıhan İmamoğlu

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Research has been a natural extension to my instinct of building on pre-existing knowledge and/or addressing cognitive discrepancies. It also has been fundamental to my experience as an undergraduate student at George Mason… In summary, research has not only made my undergraduate experience invaluable, but also became the biggest stroke on the painting that is my life. I cannot wait to pursue it further in the upcoming years and fully transform into a researcher.

Lisa McAnulty 

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As an undergraduate scholar, I have accumulated valuable research experience in my field of study, and I have interacted directly with highly experienced professionals. In addition to growing academically, my research experience helped me to develop as a person. My research has taught me how to identify and solve problems, how to organize and analyze large amounts of information, and how to communicate with team members to accomplish a task. I will continue to apply all of these skills and experiences to my daily life.


Tyler MiesseTyler Miesse

Civil and Infrastructure Engineering 
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After working for the Mason Flood Hazards Research Lab and doing my own research through the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program I have determined that I need to expand my knowledge in coastal engineering and management. This will help me achieve my future goal to efficiently take advantage of the natural resources available to protect coastal communities.