QEP Leadership Council & Committees

Students as Scholars Leadership Council Responsibilities

The QEP Leadership Council was convened in August 2011, along with its associated committees, by President Merten and Provost Stearns, and continues to be supported by President Cabrera. Co-chaired by Dr. Kim Eby and Dr. Bethany Usher, this committee is charged with overseeing the implementation and assessment activities of the Students as Scholars initiative.

The QEP Leadership Council generally has monthly meetings. At each meeting new items are discussed in addition to reports from three committees focused on Assessment & Program Design, Faculty & Curricular Activities, and Student Scholarly Activities. For more information on these meetings, you can read our minutes from recent meetings.

Student as Scholars Leadership Council Members:

Kimberly Eby (Co-Chair)
Associate Provost for Faculty Development

Bethany Usher (Co-Chair)
Associate Provost of Undergraduate Education

Ali Andalibi
Associate Dean of Research, College of Science

LaNitra Berger
Director, Office of Fellowships, Honors College

Laurence Bray
Associate Chair, Bioengineering

Sharon Caraballo
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs, Volgenau School of Engineering

Rick Davis
Executive Director, Hylton Performing Arts Center
Associate Dean, CVPA

Douglas Eyman
Director, Ph.D in Writing and Rhetoric, English

Stephanie Foster
Associate Director, Undergraduate Education

Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Assistant Director, Students as Scholars

Jeannie Brown Leonard
Dean, Student Academic Affairs, Advising, and Retention

Sally Lorentson
Assistant Dean, University Life/Director, Orientation, Family Programs & Services

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Business

Associate Vice President, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Office of the Provost

David Moore
Assistant Vice President & Chief Budget Officer, Office of Budget & Planning

Janette Muir
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education/Campus Coordinator, 4-VA, Office of the Provost

Laura Poms
Assistant Professor, College of Health and Human Services

Shelley Reid
Director, Ctr for Teaching & Faculty Excellence; Associate Professor, English

Development Writer, Office of University Advancement and Alumni Relations

Michael Sandler
Director of Strategic Communications, Strategic Communications

Linda Schwartzstein
Professor of Higher Education and Law & Society
Distinguished Service Professor, Higher Education Program

Krista Shires
Staff Assistant, Undergraduate Education, Office of the Provost

Solon Simmons
Vice President, Office of Global Strategy, Office of the Provost

Diane Smith
Associate University Librarian, Research and Education Services,
University Libraries

Joy Taylor
Director, Learning Support Services, Information Technology Services

Catherine Tompkins
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Social Work

Lauren Wagner
Dean and Senior Assistant Director, Admissions

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Assessment & Program Design Committee

This committee is charged with participating in the assessment activities of the Students as Scholars initiative; determining the structure and use of surveys and other tools; promoting the use of the Students as Scholars Master Rubric as a tool for both faculty development and assessment; and advising the other committees and Leadership Council on assessment related to this initiative.

Stephanie Foster (Chair)
Associate Director, Undergraduate Education

Kathleen Alligood 
Associate Dean/Math Professor, Honors College 

Heather Anderson
Director of Academic Affairs and Advising, Honors College

Arie Croitoru
Associate Professor, Geography and Geoinformation Science, College of Science

Associate Professor/Director, BSW Program, Social Work 

Director, Writing Center, English

Assistant Director, Center for Teaching and Faculty

Jessica Matthews
Term Professor, English

Patricia West

Head, Gateway & Teaching Learning Services, Johnson Center Library, University Libraries 


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Faculty & Curricular Activities Committee

This committee is charged with reviewing Scholarship Development Grants proposals and Students as Scholars course designations; assisting with the development and revision of curricular programs; and advising the Leadership Council on faculty participation in student scholarship.

Laurence Bray (Chair)
Associate Chair, Bioengineering
Assistant Professor, School of Art

Instructional Design, Gateway Library

Geraldine Grant
Associate Professor, Molecular & Microbiology, School of Systems Biology

Jesse Guessford
Assistant Professor-Music Technology, School of Music

Director, University Scholars Program/Asst Prof English/Asst Dean, Honors College

Timothy Leslie
Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Geography & Geoinformation Science

Associate Professor, Computer Science

Assistant Director, Center for Teaching and Faculty Excellence

Assistant Professor, College of Health and Human Services

Director, Center for Teaching & Faculty Excellence; Assoc Prof, English

Krista Shires
Staff Assistant, Undergraduate Education, Office of the Provost

University Professor, History and Art History

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Student Scholarly Activities Committee

This committee
reviews proposals for the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP) and Undergraduate Student Travel Fund (USTF); offers guidance and perspective for the OSCAR Work Study Research Assistantship Program; assists OSCAR with outreach to student populations, such as through UNIV 100; and advises the Leadership Council on issues related to undergraduate participation in student scholarship at Mason.

Karen Lee (Chair)
Assistant Director, OSCAR

Daniela Barragan
Graduate Student, Psychology

Director MA Program/Faculty, Communication 

Instructor, School of Business 

Andrew Cote
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Adjunct Professor, School of Music, College of Visual & Performing Arts

Associate Dean, University Life

Robert Cressman
Assistant Professor, SPACS/Krasnow, Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study 

Executive Director, Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Director of Athletic Bands, School of Music

Student, BIOE

Adam Winsler
Professor, Psychology

John Woolsey
Research Curriculum Coordinator, Cultural Studies, Honors College


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