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Summer Team Projects announced! Wednesday, December 21,2016

Summer Team Projects announced!

This Fall, OSCAR introduced a new opportunity for summer research projects based around a central theme, question, or problem. The Summer Team Projects will be run by at least two faculty members, and include a group of four to ten undergraduate students. This year, after an overwhelming response to our call for proposals, we have seven accepted projects. Faculty will recruit undergraduate participants in the spring and will be expected to use the first week to give the students an academic orientation to the program. Students will work, with faculty mentorship, on the project for the remaining weeks of the summer, and will present their results at the Summer Celebration of Student Scholarship.

We congratulate our faculty who have had their proposals accepted! Read more about them below:

"The Enslaved Children of George Mason"

Faculty: Benedict Carton, Associate Professor History and Art History; Wendi Manuel-Scott, Director of African & African American Studies and Associate Professor History and Art History

"PEREC Science and Outreach: Assessment of ecosystem health in the tidal freshwater Potomac environment"

Faculty: Amy Fowler, Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Policy; Thomas Huff, Assistant Director of Shared Research Instrumentation Facility; Kim de Mutsert, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Policy; Christian Jones, Professor and Director of PEREC, Environmental Science and Policy; Randy McBride, Associate Professor Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences; Daniel Sklarew, Associate Director PEREC and Associate Professor Environmental Science and Policy; Cynthia Smith, Professor and Education Director PEREC, Environmental Science and Policy; Gregory Foster, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

"FaBULIS Data: Food and Behavior – Using Large Interdisciplinary Sets of Data"

Faculty: Cara Frankenfeld, Assistant Professor of Global and Community Health; Sina Gallo, Assistant Professor of Nutrition & Food Studies; Margaret Slavin, Assistant Professor of Nutrition & Food Studies

"Peter Ritter Chamber Music Performing Edition: Editing an 18th/19th-Century Composer's Music Manuscripts for Contemporary Performance and Open-Access Dissemination"

Faculty: Jesse Guessford, Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Composition; Steven Gerber, Research Librarian (Music, Theater, Philosophy)

"Engineering Dance: Understanding Ballet Performance Using Motion Capture"

Faculty: Wilsaan Joiner, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering; Elizabeth Price, Associate Professor of School of Dance; Susan Shields, Director of School of Dance; James Thompson, Associate Professor of Psychology; Qi Wei, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering

"Together Alone: Living and Working in Solitary Confinement"

Faculty: Danielle Rudes, Associate Professor of Criminology, Law and Society; Angela Hattery, Director of Women and Gender Studies; Shannon Magnuson, PhD Student in Criminology, Law and Society

"Insects and Post-Mortem Decomposition - what are the effects of environmental parameters on species richness, community composition, and succession patterns of carrion communities?"

Faculty: Joris van der Ham, Adjunct Assistant Professor in Department of Environmental Science and Policy; Kelly Knight, Professor/STEM Accelerator of Forensic Science Program

Check back in the spring for more information and to apply for positions in one of these teams!

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Summer Team Projects announced!

Summer Team Projects announced!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

With 31 applications, we have seven accepted projects for Summer 2017!

These team projects will be run by two or more faculty and will include a cohort of four to ten undergraduate students.

Check back during the spring when we advertise for positions on these teams and read the news story for the list of projects.

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