Students as Scholars Classes

The Students as Scholars initiative assists faculty in teaching students about scholarship by helping them incorporate research and creative activities into their curriculum at increasingly sophisticated levels: Discovery of Scholarship, Scholarly Inquiry, and Research & Scholarship Intensive (RS).

We have recently revised and simplified the Students as Scholars Program Rubric and updated the course definitions. Mason's goal is that every department have opportunities for students to learn about and participate in undergraduate research and creative activities. "Taught" courses as well as individualized experiences should be identified. The revision more clearly highlights that that Discovery of Scholarship includes an understanding of the value of scholarly work that serves as a foundation for participating in Inquiry and the Creation of Research.

Levels and SLOs Graphic

All Students as Scholars courses should be designed so that students learn about scholarly activities at Mason. Courses should highlight:

  • How faculty are engaged in scholarly work
  • How undergraduate students are engaged in scholarly work
  • The Students as Scholars initiative, including opportunities through OSCAR and how the course is a Students as Scholars courses and meets the student learning objects at the applicable level.

Research & Scholarship intensive (RS) courses
Discovery of Scholarship and Scholarly Inquiry courses
General Student as Scholars course resources