Application for Course Designation

To have your course considered for the Research and Scholarship Intensive (RS) designation or Scholarly Inquiry (RI), please submit this application by Wednesday, April 15th, 2017. This process is separate from unit curriculum approval - if you will need additional approval, please take that time into consideration when submitting your application.

Please see the RS course FAQs for help with the application process.

Please note that this process is not intended to be onerous. Faculty who have submitted applications say that actually putting the application together did not take an unreasonable length of time. Please contact us for help!

To apply:

Please collect all the required materials. When you are ready to apply, complete the form below. If your application is not complete, we will not be able to consider it for RS designation.

Required materials:

  1. Upload for RS courses only: A response (no more than 1000 words, not including the questions) that responds to the following questions:
  • Rationale: What is the rationale for designating this course as Research & Scholarship (RS) intensive?
  • Student learning outcomes: Describe how the course meets the four required student learning outcomes (Core, Creation, Communication, and a Method). What is the authentic scholarly work or project in this course that meets the learning outcome, “Students will take responsibility for creating and executing an original scholarly or creative project”? Provide specific examples, especially if the topics can vary. How will students have the opportunity to disseminate the results of their project beyond the classroom, meeting the learning outcome, "Students will communicate knowledge from an original scholarly or creative project”?
  • How will the course be supported by the appropriate subject area librarian? We suggest contacting the appropriate librarian before submitting the proposal for her/his input.
  1. Upload: Syllabus for the OSCAR version of the course that includes:square OSCAR logo jpg
  • A statement that explains that this is a Students as Scholars course to the students, and includes a link or reference to OSCAR ( You are also welcome to include our lightbulb!
  • The Students as Scholars student learning outcomes you are using in your course.
  • A description of the course activities and assignments listed on the course map (#3), including the contribution of each assignment to the final grade.
  1. Upload: Course map that links sample course activities to your OSCAR student learning outcomes. You can download the Excel template of the map at Your map should clearly identify the student assignments or activities that meet each of the selected student learning outcomes, and these should be readily identifiable in your syllabus.

  1. A statement of support from your unit’s chair for designating the course as Research & Scholarship (RS) intensive that addresses the following question.

    Fundamental to the Students as Scholars initiative of promoting undergraduate student research and scholarship on campus is the goal that RS courses are taught consistently according to RS requirements. Please describe the department’s plan for sustaining teaching future sections of this course as RS. How will you communicate with faculty assigned to this course that is approved as an RS course and must address the student learning outcomes?

    Please also affirm that the chair understands the following:

  • All sections of the course are to be taught as RS.
  • The first time a course is taught as RS, the instructor of record is required to participate in faculty development and to produce an assessment portfolio. If significant changes to a RS course are made, OSCAR will request a new assessment portfolio.
  • It is the department’s responsibility to maintain the integrity of the RS course, ensuring that faculty know when they have been assigned an RS course and the associated expectations for the course.