Curriculum Scholarship Development Grants

Honors class 2013

Curriculum Development (formerly, Track B) SDGs support the creation of scaffolded learning experiences for students as they progress through an academic program and develop an understanding of the scholarly work in the discipline or field. This curriculum revision engages students in at least two of the three curriculum levels: Discovery of Scholarship, Scholarly Inquiry, and Research & Scholarship.

Curriculum Development SDGs proposals have two parts. In the initial applications, departments express interest in curriculum revision and put together a team (usually consisting of the chair or undergraduate curriculum director and at least two other interested faculty) to participate in a day-long Students as Scholars curriculum development workshop (faculty who participate in the workshop will earn a small stipend). The goal of the workshop is to assess the current undergraduate curriculum and develop a plan for revision that includes undergraduate student scholarship. After completing the workshop, departments complete a full proposal to redesign courses that incorporates undergraduate research and creative activities into their curricula.


**Participants in Curriculum SDG Workshops said that the time spend in the workshop was incredibly productive, both in making progress towards putting together the full proposal, and by having the opportunity to discuss the "big picture" about teaching in their program**

OSCAR and the Center for Teaching and Faculty Excellence provide a faculty development series to assist with curriculum development during the first year of implementation. Departments that are awarded Curriculum SDGs are expected to attend these meetings (three in fall and three in spring). Departments are also expected to submit a yearly report at the end of each year of funding, and to submit any supported courses for RS designation within a reasonable time frame.


  • Curriculum Development Scholarship Development Grant Workshop Applications are due November 2, 2016.
  • The Curriculum SDG Workshop will take place on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 (location TBD).
  • Full Curriculum Development SDG Proposals are due February 15, 2017. Form and submission instructions are available. Please note this application is only for participants in the January 2017 Curriculum SDG Workshop!


Curriculum Scholarship Development Grant Recipients

Curriculum SDG
Supporting Department, Program, or School
Years Active
ACCESS Program Integration
Center for International Student Access (CISA) 2011-14
Bioengineering Curriculum Development and Revision
Bioengineering (VSE)
Communication Curriculum Development and Revision
Communication (CHSS)
Computer Science Curriculum Development and Revision
Computer Science (VSE)
Criminology Law and Society Curriculum Revision CLS (CHSS) 2011-
English Department Composition Program
English (CHSS) 2012-
English Department Curriculum Revision English (CHSS) 2012-
Global Health Curriculum Development
Global and Community Health (CHHS)
Revising the Signals and Systems Curriculum to Emphasize Student Scholarship

Electrical and Computer Engineering (VSE)

Electric Circuits: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering (VSE)

Cultivating Environmental and Sustainability Studies Scholars
Environmental and Sustainability Studies (a joint effort between New Century College and Environmental Science & Policy; CHSS and COS) 2012-
History Curriculum Development and Revision History and Art History (CHSS)
Curriculum Reform in Honors College
Honors College
Management Curriculum Development
Management (Business)
Mathematics Student Scholarly Development
Mathematics (COS)
Cornerstones/NCC Curriculum Revision New Century College 2012-
Neuroscience Curriculum Revision
Neuroscience (COS and CHSS)
Psychology Curriculum Revision
Psychology (CHHS)
Music Technology Curriculum Development and Revision
School of Music (CVPA)
Social Work Curriculum Revision
Social Work (CHHS)
Sociology Curriculum Revision
Sociology and Anthropology (CHSS)
Biology Undergraduate Program Curriculum Development and Revision Undergraduate Biology Program (COS)
Feminist Research Methods in Women & Gender Studies Women & Gender Studies (CHSS) 2013-

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