4-VA Undergraduate Research Assistants

4-VA Undergraduate Research Assistants
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OSCAR is happy to support the undergraduate scholars funded through 4-VA grants at Mason. Undergraduate students can support your research by assisting you or taking on a portion of the project themselves. Please use this guide as you put together your 4-VA Research Proposal and as you work with your undergraduate research assistants. For more information on 4-VA at Mason, please visit their website.

Budgeting for 4-VA UR Assistants
You should budget for undergraduate research assistants by semester (fall, spring, and/or summer).

Fall and Spring UR Assistants should be expected to work a total of 144 hours over the course of the semester, and will receive a $1000 stipend. Academic semester students will be paid in the middle of the semester.

Summer UR Assistants can work as either half-time ($2000 for 200 hours of work) or full-time ($4000 for 360 hours). Summer students will be paid on July 1, July 15, August 1, and August 15. All stipend payments are contingent upon the student completing the required components outlined below. Housing during the summer is not provided - students can contact Housing and Residence Life directly to arrange on-campus housing. Students may use their stipend to pay for for summer housing.

After each semester, OSCAR will ask you to complete a quick survey reviewing the professional and research skills of your students, based on the Students as Scholars Program Rubric.

Expectations for Summer 4-VA UR Assistants
OSCAR provides professional development support for undergraduates involved in research; 4-VA UR Assistants working on campus will be expected to participate in OSCAR summer professional development events to help them succeed both in their projects and in their academic careers. These meetings, which count toward their total required hours, teach students ethical research conduct, resume and professional skills, and communicating their results. They also build a community of undergraduates researchers.  The final event is the Summer Celebration of Research, held in early August. Each student working independently on a scholarly project will be expected to present at the Celebration. These summer meetings are scheduled in May to be held during Summer B and C sessions, usually June – early August.

4-VA will provide OSCAR with a list of all funded proposals, and including the information about the number of UR assistants funded each semester for each PI. It is important that you  send OSCAR the names and contact information for each student you have selected within the first week of the semester or May 1 for summer students in which they will begin working.

If you need help recruiting students, OSCAR can help with targeted emails and advertising the positions on HireMason. Please contact us.